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DTP Two Cycle Synthetic Oil Premix

DTP Two Cycle Synthetic Oil Premix

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Dumonde Tech DTP Synthetic Racing Oil is a neoteric oil. Pre-mix only. DTP to this day is still the most advanced 2 stroke premix oil on the market. Its “state of the art lubrication” pushes the technology envelope further than any other oil in the world!

Engineered with technical molecular compounds to provide the highest possible lubrication while maintaining fuel value in racing and recreational vehicles using a premix oil system. Any 2 stroke from 50cc to 5oocc can benefit from the performance gains like NO other 2 stroke oil.

Fabulous for trail, hare scramble, wood riding. Always crisp throttle response. Never foul a plug.  Get your jetting correct, and your bike will BARK.

Premix only not for injection.

  • Increases Horsepower by technology
  • Out performs any other 2 stroke oil
  • Quick, Clean throttle response
  • No plug fouling
  • No power value sticking and build up
  • Mixes with all fuels
  • Exceptionally clean burn which reduces pollution.
  • Mix Ratios: 20:1 to 50:1 Average usage ratio 40:1.
  • Enriching of carburation is usually required. Contact us for suggested information in jetting.

Availability: Pints, 1/2 Gallons and Gallons

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